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Scientifically proven supplements, tailored to

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WLS Optimum Capsule

  • Multivitamin for use after a Sleeve Gastrectomy.
  • Scientifically proven and developed according to the latest clinical insights.
  • Only one capsule a day – also available as a chewable multivitamin.
  • Receive 10 capsules for free.
  • Your subscription can be modified or canceled at any time.

Calcium Soft Chew

  • Unique soft texture for easy intake
  • With a delicious, fresh lemon taste
  • For the preservation of strong bones and teeth
  • Because of additional vitamin D3, calcium is well absorbed!

Scientifically proven

At FitForMe we do not just make vitamin supplements. It is our passion for health that inspires us. Our supplements are developed according to the latest scientific developments.

Tailored to your operation

We develop multivitamins and other supplements for people with a weight loss surgery, a different multivitamin for each type of surgery.


Less than a dollar a day

We like to think along with you. You can see that in our competitive prices. Our FitForMe supplements are available for less than a dollar a day!