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WLS stands for Weight Loss Surgery or a weight-reducing operation. Such a procedure is used when all other weight-reduction methods have failed. After the operation eating and living patterns change drastically. It ensures that you can eat less, so you eventually lose weight.

There are restriction operations and malabsorptive operations. Restriction operations have a stomach-reducing effect. Among others, the gastric band and gastric sleeve fall into this category. The malabsorptive operations ensure that fewer nutrients are absorbed.

Examples of such surgeries are the duodenal switch and the biliopancreatic diversion. In addition, some interventions combine the two techniques combine, such as a gastric bypass.

Do you have a gastric bypass or will you receive a gastric bypass in the future? Then the WLS Forte is specially designed for you. After surgery, a small portion of the stomach remains and the small intestine is adjusted. The biggest part of the stomach and the duodenum become ineffective, meaning you are quickly full and eat less. This thus means that you also ingest fewer vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is essential to supplement your diet with a good multivitamin.

Do you have a gastric sleeve or will you receive one in the future? Then the WLS Optimum is specially designed for you. Because the stomach is smaller you feel more satisfied and you eat less, so you no longer get all the important substances. This is precisely why it is important for you to then get extra vitamin B12 and iron. That’s why we developed this multivitamin with good amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Do you have or will you get a duodenal switch or biliopancreatic diversion? Then the WLS Maximum is specially developed for you. After these surgeries, you can eat less in a day and a bowel bypass ensures that the food is less digested. That’s why we developed this multivitamin with good amounts of vitamins and minerals.

The advantage of the WLS capsules is that one capsule per day is already an optimal supplement to your diet. It contains all the vitamins and minerals that you need for your daily intake. If you had a gastric reduction operation, it is important that you use a supplement that was specially developed for people with that type of surgery to complement your diet. Because the WLS capsules have a smooth surface, the advantage is that you don’t have to chew it as this smooth surface makes it is easy to swallow with a sip of water or sugar-free lemonade.

We deliberately opted for capsules because capsules break down faster and your body better absorbs the vitamins and minerals. After a stomach reduction operation, your body has little time to extract nutrients from a supplement. The capsule disintegrates within 5 to 10 minutes after ingestion, so that your gastrointestinal tract can absorb all vitamins and minerals well. A chewable tablet you chew into powder or small pieces. This also ensures that the ingredients can be quickly absorbed.

In terms of dosage, the WLS capsules and WLS chewing vitamins are exactly the same. The biggest difference is that in addition to the WLS chewing vitamins, a separate tablet with iron is included with your order. The tablets are separated from each other because chewing the iron tablet is often perceived as unpleasant.

You can best take the WLS capsules with a sip of water or sugar-free drink. The best time to take WLS capsules is after lunch, dinner or just before bedtime. The WLS chewing vitamins are easy to chew. The Ferro tablet can best be taken with a sip of water or sugar-free drink. The best time to take WLS capsules is after lunch, dinner or just before bedtime.

If you can not swallow the capsule well, you can also slide it open. In this way you can still take the content with, for example, a little sugar-free apple or fruit puree. Sugar and sugary foods can cause complaints. You can therefore better use sugar-free foods when taking the WLS capsule. Or you can opt for our chewable vitamins: this way you can easily add extra vitamins and minerals, as a supplement to your diet, without having to swallow a pill.

The color of your stools can change after using the WLS multivitamins. The dark color can be caused by the high iron content in the multivitamins.

You may always open the WLS supplements and mix the contents with, for example, a sugar-free fruit puree.

You may take extra vitamins and minerals in addition to the WLS multivitamins. But, be critical of what you use and why you would want to use it. Overdosing on vitamins and minerals is not the intention. Do you have any doubts? Please feel free to contact the FitForMe customer service.

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