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Supplements specially developed for bariatric patients. Created in collaboration with doctors and scientifically substantiated.

As a health-care professional, you know that after weight-loss surgery, patients struggle to adequately absorb vitamins and minerals. That is why, since 2009, FitForMe developed multivitamin preparations for patients with morbid obesity who have undergone a bariatric procedure. The nutrients that are added to FitForMe’s WLS supplements are in adapted dosages and precisely tailored to the bariatric patient.

Our vision
More and more people suffer from (morbid) obesity and the effects of being overweight. To counter this, there are always more operations being performed. These operations help people lose a significant amount of weight and regain their lives. People become aware that healthy eating and exercise are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And that vitamins and minerals are an essential part thereof.

Our mission
For the specific group of people who have a slimming operation performed, taking vitamins and minerals is an absolute necessity, because the body itself is no longer able to absorb vital vitamins and minerals. We strive to inform everyone about this.

Scientifically substantiated
All our products are developed according to the latest scientific insights. For example: in 2011, a study, the Vital Study, commenced at the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem with patients who had undergone a gastric bypass surgery. The effect of daily intake of multivitamins after the operation was monitored for one year. The conclusion: FitForMe’s WLS Forte works much better than a multivitamin with a standard composition.* Request a free information package for professionals if you want to read more.

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Always in development
FitForMe has daily contact with bariatric surgeons, specialists, WLS patients and dietitians to tailor the special multivitamin preparations to the patient as closely as possible. The dosage of the various vitamins has been adjusted over the years to create a winning formula. FitForMe is always in development, in accordance with the latest scientific insights!

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